charred shishito peppers

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Native to Japan, shishito peppers are mild, grassy, and slightly sweet. When charred, these vibrant green beauties pair perfectly with gulps of ice cold beer. The preparation for this healthy snack is minimal, leaving more time for drinking and enjoying the warm weather. Simply blister them in a hot skillet with a touch of sesame oil. Finish with a pinch of salt and a dusting of Japanese chili powder.

The how to…
4 servings



6 oz shishito peppers
1 Tbsp pure sesame oil
pinch salt
pinch Ichimi Togarashi (Japanese chili powder)

shishito_close up_Fotor


  1. Char peppers. Heat oil in a cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat. Add peppers and cook, turning occasionally, until they begin to blister on all sides. Remove from heat, sprinkle with salt and a pinch of ichimi togarashi, and toss. Serve immediately.

Some extras…
*1 in ten shishito peppers are said to pack a punch, beware!
*Swap Ichimi Togarashi for a pinch of red chili flake



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